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Velocity DataSearch

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• Consumer Selects - Demographic (gender, date of birth, income)
• B2B - Industry, Job Title, Company size (revenue or employee)

Velocity DataSearch

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Velocity Data Search allows clients or perspective clients to query our data base via our software login system. Velocity provides the highest quality of data. We have multiple data sources, and we maintain great relationships with our list providers. We have or can find the data you want! We have millions of accurate and constantly updated opt-in e-mail addresses. You can search by business type or size as well as demographics and locations. Velocity provides monthly data feeds, onetime purchases, and leased lists.

We change the way you pay for your database and email list. We have been providing quality data at the best price. Our outstanding B2B database outperforms all competitors! That’s right; we provide the best data we have seen in 10 years, and your account can be setup so you could start mailing within hours. This data is so valuable that we will not sell it outright. You can use it, track results, but you can’t download the data. You can see all supporting data like, name, address, phone number, company information, job title, revenue size, employee size.

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Even the best list doesn’t bring the expected results without the support of the high quality software and appropriate delivery. Velocity is the best software in the industry. Our turnkey system is so easy to use, so powerful that you will turn into a repeat client if you just try it for one month. No long-term contracts; we know if you test the system for a month, you will stick around. We keep our clients around based on our quality data and services, not based on a tricky contract or agreement.

Companies that sell quality data ruin the integrity of the data itself. If they are selling you the list, you can be sure that they are selling the same data to your competition. This is the exact reason why we only lease our lists. That is the only way to keep the high quality of our products. If you are not willing to use our software and only need to purchase data, we can still provide quality lists at a great price. Our entire consumer data is optin. It is based on specified searches, and can be sold monthly.